Magic in your hands: Adobe Photoshop and Premiere infused with AI sorcery for effortless editing

Priya Walia

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Adobe has just dropped the curtain on its latest creations: the 2024 versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, a duo packed with a slew of cutting-edge features and a touch of artificial intelligence magic.

The latest version of these revered tools brings a fusion of advanced AI-powered functionalities along with an array of other enhancements designed to elevate the editing experience for photos and videos.

The star of the show is undeniably Adobe’s new Sensei AI platform, seamlessly integrated into the software to empower users with unprecedented editing capabilities. In Photoshop Elements, the AI-driven tool steals the limelight with its ability to effortlessly select and manipulate objects and backgrounds.

Imagine effortlessly swapping out mundane skies with fiery infernos or smoothing out imperfections on subjects’ skin, all at the click of a button. Moreover, the Artistic Effect options have set the stage for transforming ordinary images into spellbinding pieces of art resembling renowned masterpieces.

Not to be outdone, Premiere Elements now flexes its AI muscles by automatically crafting captivating highlight reels from uploaded video footage, the ability to save photo reels as MP4s or GIFs, and a slew of new one-click editing options.

The interface has undergone a facelift, offering a seamless user experience complemented by the new Guided Edits feature, an interactive way to learn while you edit.

Meanwhile, Premiere Elements boasts a robust collection of new audio effects, including the alluring reverb, alongside an assortment of built-in presets to infuse projects with a unique vibe. The visual revamp echoes that of its Photoshop counterpart, providing a fresh, modern look while ensuring a user-friendly environment for all levels of expertise.

Both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 2024 are now up for grabs, available as standalone purchases or conveniently bundled together for the ultimate creative suite.