Maestro promises to beautify email on Windows Phone — coming soon

Fahad Al-Riyami

Maestro promises to beautify email on Windows Phone -- coming soon

Email has been around for years, it’s pretty much perfected today considering how basic of a feature it is, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get better, there is always rooms for improvement. If you haven’t yet unfollowed the guys behind the Rowi Twitter app on Windows Phone as a retaliation for them pulling the app (which wasn’t really their fault) then you probably know about Maestro.

Maestro promises to combine both function and form to result in an email experience that’s actually pleasing to use. While the native client in Windows Phone is relatively functional already – although it still won’t allow you to directly attach Office documents – Maestro will hopefully overtake it considering how dedicated the team is.

The email client was teased a few ago in a video (which you can watch below) indicating the launch was imminent and we now have confirmation via the app’s Twitter account that it will be released this Monday (9/29) at 10AM PST.

Maestro will initially launch as a preview so you can expect some bugs here and there, and maybe some features disabled, but the team will be updating the app as per their feature roadmap as well as from user feedback. Judging from our experiences with Rowi, we’ll probably be in or a pretty great email client for Windows Phone.