Madden NFL 16 on EA Access coming to XBox One February 2nd

Michael Cottuli


For those of you who were introduced to the Madden series through EA access, there’s some very good news on the horizon. Madden NFL 16 is coming to the EA access vault on February 2nd, offering football fans a way to play the latest in the popular series of football games at no additional cost to the $5 a month membership to EA access.

Coming just a few days before the next Super Bowl, the addition of Madden NFL 16 to the roster of EA access titles couldn’t have arrived at a better time. If you’ve been looking for a way to indulge your love of the sport during the off season, Madden brings a great sense of authenticity to the world of football games, giving some dynamic, fluid gameplay to football fans, but also implementing deeper gameplay mechanics in the way of game modes like Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team, arguably the highlight of the title, lets you build up your own fantasy team over time, competing against challenging AI opponents and other players alike in an effort to win a season.

Even to people who aren’t already football fans, the Madden series is pretty great, and offers some fun with statistics and strategy that veterans of games like XCOM or Blood Bowl might even appreciate. If you’re willing to give EA $5 a month, Madden 16 is most definitely worth your time. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in Madden, the service also opens up access to the fantastic shooter Titanfall, and one of the greatest RPG’s made in recent memory: Dragon Age Inquisition. Along with getting access to their vault of free games, you also get 10% off microtransactions and any other EA game that you buy through Xbox One. If you frequent EA games, it’s just a fair deal all around.

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