Macphun launches photo editing app Luminar for Windows public beta

Jack Wilkinson

Announced over a month ago, Macphun reached out to On MSFT to let us know that they’re bringing their award-winning Luminar photo editing app to Windows. Luminar has won Apple’s “Best of the Year” award 5 years in a row – and hopes to bring its prowess to Microsoft’s Windows platform.

One month on, Macphun has now opened the doors to Luminar on Windows. Available for free, users can get their hands on the public beta of Luminar for Windows to give it a test run, and more importantly, provide feedback.

Luminar comes with a number of unique features, such as its AI-powered photo filter that can enhance photos with just a slider. It can take photos from this:

Luminar Accent AI Filter After

To this:

Luminar Accent AI Filter Before

As shown, the Accent AI filter is just one of the tools within the software that can brighten up photos and make them look fantastic.

During the public beta, Luminar will not include all features, such as workspaces and plug-ins, but it does come packed with the above Accent AI feature. The full release is coming this fall.

To get started, head here to download Luminar for Windows.