Lync SDN API available to download for Lync Server users


Lync SDN API available to download for Lync Server users

Lync may not be a messaging tool that get much coverage outside of enterprise circles, that offers text and video chatting as well as conference calling. While this is a chat tool at heart, there is a lot of networking jiggery-pokery going on in the background. There is a lot of interest in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) at the moment, as it allows for easier scaling of networked projects and includes scope for centralized control of data and traffic.

Today the Lync SDN API is available for download by anyone with a Lync Server deployment. It can be used to improve media flow on a network by using the data captured by the API. It also allows for better compatibility between devices on a network, and direct data packets using QoS.

Jamie Stark, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Lync explains that the shift to Software-Defined Networking is useful not only in virtualized environments, but also for easier management of multiple network devices such as routers, firewalls and traffic controllers.

“This is a big paradigm shift, and we have jumped in with both feet. Today, we’re releasing the Lync SDN API for free to anyone with a Lync Server deployment. The API provides a REST-ful data stream of information about media flows as they get started. This data can then be fed into an SDN controller to enlighten the network about what needs to happen and where.”

If you fancy the idea of getting hands-on with the API, grab yourself a copy from the download link below.