Lumia Conversations and Surface blog combined, become Microsoft Devices Blog

Vu Anh Nguyen

Say hello to the new Microsoft Devices Blog. The company has recently combined the old Lumia/Nokia Conversations and Surface blog in to a single news channel, as announced on its Windows blog.
The combination is one of the many changes that reflect the company’s new focus on unity and convergence, starting with bringing its Windows and Devices teams together to further Windows development. With the new Devices Blog, you now have “a one-stop-shop for all things Windows and Microsoft devices” from the humble Lumia phones to more exciting, experimental projects like the Band and HoloLens. The blog will also feature stories about the latest technology, innovations and leaders in the mobile industry.
One thing we can say about this change is that it will make things easier to keep track on the many device-related announcements coming on the 6th of October. For this we will be keeping a close eye on the blog in the upcoming days, so stay tuned for the news.