Lumia Camera app to come to all Windows 10 devices

Hammad Saleem

Lumia Camera app to come to all Windows 10 devices

Microsoft is rolling out the Lumia Denim update, and among all other features, the new update comes with an improved version of the Lumia camera app which is considerably faster than the one present on devices with Lumia Cyan. 

The good news is: Microsoft has confirmed that Lumia camera app will be available on all devices running Windows 10. This means that HTC and Samsung devices will soon get the ability to use the excellent options and controls offered by the app. But before you get too excited, it will be available on all devices, but it will not offer all the features as some of them will remain exclusive for Lumia devices, such as 4K video recording, PureView quality images, etc. 

Furthermore, the new app is universal which means that you’ll be able to use it on all devices, whether it’s a PC or a tablet or a smartphone, bringing the same set of camera controls to your tablet or laptop or webcam that Lumia Camera now brings to your phone. 

The Lumia Camera app is expected to come with the technical preview of Windows 10 for phones which is expected to roll out in February.