Lumia Beta Apps uservoice website to shut down September 30th

Staff Writer

Lumia Camera

Lumia Beta Apps, a uservoice-based website that was once the feedback hub to various Lumia-exclusive apps such as Lumia Cinemagraph and Lumia Camera (formerly Nokia Camera Beta), will shut down on September 30th, 2015, citing “changes in the phone business at Microsoft“. The site has, for the most part, been functionally disabled, not allowing anymore feedback to be submitted through its forums. Current users of its apps are expected to submit feedback either through the Windows Store, or through the feedback program for those in the Windows Insider program.
The reasoning behind this move is obvious. It’s just one step in the process of rerouting all development feedback toward the more streamlined and comprehensive Feedback Program integral to the Windows 10 operating systems. The timing roughly coincides with the expected release timeframe of Windows 10 Mobile.
All recent Lumia Beta apps will continue to be available through the Windows Store. Expect their official universal Windows 10 Mobile counterparts to arrive in the coming months.