Lumia 950 gets on the track with Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean

Vu Anh Nguyen

F1 driver and Lumia Ambassador Romain Grosjean shows off the new Lumia 950 in white and talks about how Microsoft’s technology is helping him with the race, in a recent video uploaded on Microsoft Lumia’s Youtube channel.
Grosjean discovered F1 racing when he was only six years old, at which point he made the decision to become an F1 Racer. Since then he has gone on to win several international championships, both with F1 cars and other types of cars. As a professional racer and champion, Grosjean understand that speed is the most important measure, not just for the driving itself, but also in information processing and communication between team members of a race crew. And that’s where Lumia and Microsoft comes in to help.
The Lumia 950 is shown in the video working in tandem with Microsoft Continuum, a new feature coming with selected Lumia hardware, that allows you to connect the phone with an external screen for a desktop-like user interface and experience, with completely responsive apps; all this is achieved through Microsoft’s new Display Dock, a slim, sleek cube of ports that you need for Continuum. Utilizing the power and versatility of Lumia 950 along with Microsoft’s cloud technology, Grosjean and his team is working on a “new mobile technology” specialized for the race track, to help the race crew communicate information as fast as possible.
Overall, the video showsone of the many examples of how technology (not just from Microsoft) can be applied in many aspects of life to improve performance and productivity, while also showing off Microsoft’s powerful mix of computing capabilities.