Lumia 520 hacked into running Windows RT because why not



We learned about Windows Phone Internals 1.0 recently, a tool that unlocks the bootloader for select Lumia Windows Phone models, allowing for root access to be enabled on the phone. This would allow one to flash custom ROMs onto the phone, similar to Android, which has an active custom ROM-building community.
An image of Windows RT running on a Nokia Lumia 520 has surfaced online, giving us an idea that this tool is picking up steam. Of course, no one would realistically be interested in running Windows RT on an older Lumia model, but the point is that hacking a Lumia is indeed possible with this tool. It would be interesting to see what other concoctions these folks come up with. Here’s what Wack0Distractor said on XDA Developers forum, after providing the photo:
“After patching signature checks out of winload, and adding the halexts and registry entries for those, I had to patch 1 byte in the kernel, without which a SECURITY_SYSTEM bugcheck happens during boot. I haven’t fully added any drivers yet, other than the halexts, i’ll be doing that soon. So right now touchscreen doesn’t work etc.”
Obviously, there are issues with the process, as noted above, but I’m genuinely curious to see what else the XDA community can come up with. We’ll keep you posted.