Lucid Games announces it will co-develop future Sea of Thieves content alongside Rare

Robert Collins

Davy Jones in Sea of Thieves video game on Xbox Series X and Windows PC

Lucid Games has announced that it will be working on the online action-adventure game Sea of Thieves, co-developing content for the game alongside developer Rare. The Liverpool-based developer made the announcement via a Twitter thread that also mentioned the company is currently hiring.

Lucid Games was created in 2011 by former developers at Bizarre Creations after that studio was shuttered by Activision. Since its founding Lucid Games has worked on such titles as Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and most recently Destruction AllStars. The studio currently has around 150 developers under its wing.

Nearly five years after its launch pirate-themed action-adventure game Sea of Thieves is still going strong with new content being added all the time. Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox Game Pass, and over on the Xbox Store.