Low light 4K footage from Microsoft Lumia 950 XL shown off in new video

Vu Anh Nguyen

Youtube uploader -[videotistik]- is back to torture upcoming Lumia 950/XL owners with a new teaser video for their updated camera, this time showcasing low-light 4K video performance.
The video was allegedly shot with a Lumia 950 XL, showing what appears to be nighttime somewhere-in-Germany, panning streets with a lot of bright lights and movement, which should be a challenge for any smartphone cameras.

Overall, as expected of the much-touted camera from the new Lumias, performance is impressive, with great stability and clarity, minimal level of noise, and great sound quality. Some bright lights are a bit blurred, understandable given the huge contrast range in each scene; nevertheless, buildings and moving objects appears fluid and clear. The video is a continuation from other Lumia video sample from the same uploader, which allegedly showcases 4K performance in daytime in comparison with one of the best smartphone cameras current on the market, the LG G4. We are waiting eagerly to get one in our hands to test out the cameras ourselves, and release date seems to not be too far away. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming news, deals, reviews and more.