Long-dead Nokia McLaren Windows Phone surfaces in video

Mark Coppock

Nokia mclaren

Microsoft has fully divested itself of all of its leftover Nokia crumbs, and put Windows Phone out to pasture in favor of the increasingly enterprise-oriented Windows 10 Mobile. Most signs point to the next Microsoft smartphone being the mythical Surface Phone expected in early 2017, and while OEMs like HP are pushing out their own Windows 10 Mobile devices, Microsoft has gone on something of a hiatus.

Therefore, Windows phone enthusiasts are left primarily revisiting cancelled devices for their smartphone fix, and one of the most cancelled devices ever is the Nokia McLaren. Images and videos of the unicorn Windows Phone device with 3D Touch and advanced camera have been surfacing for some time, and some folks have managed to get their hands on a prototype and put it through the ringer.

The following video by MrMobile contains some interesting bits. The 3D Touch technology, in particular, is pretty cool, and we do wonder if Microsoft will ever consider putting this tech in a device going forward.

The video is worth a quick watch if you have the required four minutes or so. It’s a shame that Microsoft didn’t move forward with the Lumia 1020 replacement–it likely wouldn’t have tipped the scales in favor of Microsoft’s being more aggressive with Windows phones, but one never knows. Perhaps they could have sold a few million more devices and helped the company inch closer to its goal of a billion Windows 10 devices.