Long awaited and long delayed Halo TV series gets a new director

Kareem Anderson

At this point, the Halo TV series remains a pipe dream to some fans, as the project has been long teased, reported on and chronicled in various stages of an almost six-year-long production cycle.

Yet, there are signs of life being injected into the Halo TV project as news of a new director being confirmed for the series surfaces.

On our last installment of “what’s going on with the Halo TV series?” our fabled development heroes were left without a director as former director Rupert Wyatt left production back in December of 2018, leaving the production of the show on even further shaky ground.

Shortly after Wyatt’s departure, Showtime released a press memo committing to the continued production effort despite not having a director at the helm.

Now just two short months later the TV series is presumably back up and running at full steam with new director Otto Bathurst.

Bathurst has Black Mirror and Robin Hood to hist credits and will be shepherding the Halo TV series to a late 2019 release date, barring any other potential production quagmires.

Despite several production issues and elongated release time for the Halo TV series, prospects for the show should remain relatively high as Showtime has, in recent time, been associated with high-quality entertainment producing several extraordinary and award-nominated shows that include Shameless, Patrick Melrose, Twin Peaks, and Homeland.