Loads of free downloadable content coming to Batman: Arkham Knight for Xbox and Windows 10 PCs

Kareem Anderson

Game studio Rocksteady already packed a ton of gameplay into its initial release of Batman: Arkham Knight. As time went on, gamers were treated to even more content with DLC’s such as “Season of Infamy” that added new villains that expanded the story, community challenges, and new costume and vehicle skins.

Well, the folks over at Rocksteady aren’t done delighting fans of Batman: Arkham Knight. Beginning this month, Xbox One, PC and PS4 gamers will be able to feast on a shipload of new, and most important, free DLC content.

The new material includes “Crime Fighter Challenge Pack 6,” even more, character and vehicle skins, several challenge maps from both Arkham City and older Arkham Asylum and a new endless Predator Mode challenge for gamers.

Gamers can snag the new content on January 19th for PC and a few days, later on, January 26th for Xbox One and PS4 consoles. If you’re big fan of Batman: Arkham Knight or are in a holding pattern waiting for newer games to arrive this year, perhaps the new free content from Rocksteady will continue to delight and tide you over until your next gaming purchase.