Listen to the Halo Wars 2 Soundtrack here!

Kit McDonald

The universe of Halo is characterized by memorable storyline and gameplay. But one feature that the franchise is also known for is stunning visuals accompanied by heart-stopping musical scores. Today, in celebration of the Halo Wars 2 launch kicking off into early access this week, 343 Industries released a sneak peek at the game’s soundtrack.

The full original soundtrack was uploaded to Soundcloud for fans to peruse. In its entirety, the list of 21 scores was composed by Gordy Haab and Finishing Move. More about the composition with Audio Director Paul Lipson was released last October on Xbox Wire, but this is the fans’ first time to get to hear more than just a couple.

These songs are sure to get your heart pumping with quick paced symphonies and belly-wrenching bass. Halo Wars 2 releases for those who purchased the Ultimate Edition this Friday with its livestream celebration. The global release follows right behind on February 21st.

Are you prepared?