Listen to these ten amazingly awkward songs about Microsoft

Dave W. Shanahan

There is a list of songs for your Spotify playlist that are all about Microsoft. Whether it be Cortana, Outlook, or even Microsoft’s Zune, there’s a song on Spotify about Microsoft. While Spotify has a nearly endless collection of songs, it’s only fitting that someone, somewhere, posted a song they wrote about Microsoft.
You can pick a song from almost every music genre; hip-hop, punk, blues, or country. You will need a free or paid subscription to Spotify to listen to the tracks below. In a special holiday deal, Spotify is offering 3 months of premium for $0.99 ($9.99 every month after that) for new users. Offer ends January 2, 2016. Be warned, some tracks contain EXPLICIT language:
A Microsoft Farewell by Andy Browning
Andy Browning sings about he can’t love Microsoft anymore and it is time for him to take his heart elsewhere.
The Skype Song by Cynthia Wang
Taiwanese actress and singer Cynthia Wang, who surprisingly has a number of songs under her belt already, sings about love, and distance and how Skype can help connect two people’s worlds through a video call.
Microsoft Bob by The A La Mode (featuring Spencer Kennedy)
Microsoft debuted Bob more than 20 years ago, and The A La Mode take a funky groove to get you dancing to everything about Microsoft Bob.
Skype Me Baby by Urban Gumbo
Urban Gumbo delivers a Skype Me Baby ballad that is the VOIP equivalent of “Netflix and chill.”
No Microsoft by Cool Guy Willy, (featuring Joey Marx)
Cool Guy Willy and Joey Marx name-check Microsoft Vista, Macs, and throw in a little Lord of the Rings’ Smeagol in this hip-hop anthem.
Microsoft Works for Me by JK-47
JK-47’s mixes smooth beats with a collection of samples like AOL’s “You Got Mail” notification and uses a number of Windows startup sounds from the past.
Microsoft Zune Commercial (AKA the STD of MP3s) by JA!
JA! meant this song to act as a Microsoft commercial for Microsoft’s now-defunct Zune player.
Microsoft Outlook by PowerPoint
PowerPoint is obviously upset with all the problems with Microsoft’s Outlook over the years and takes it out in this heavy metal speed rant.
Microsoft by Scram C Baby
Scram C Baby’s rock ballad is about all the things Microsoft received without much effort from them. This song is too short to know what they were trying to say about Microsoft.
Cheef and Cortana
J.T. Machinima’s love song about growing up as a gamer and the only girl you love is Cortana, the AI from the Halo series.
That’s the list of all songs about Microsoft. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.