List of possible names for Microsoft’s 2015 IT-Pro Chicago conference revealed

Joseph Finney

List of possible names for Microsoft's IT-Pro Chicago conference

Microsoft is combining most of its tech conferences into a single event. This event will be held in Chicago in May of 2015, but what will it be called?

Mary Jo Foley at AllAboutMicrosoft has acquired a list of possible names. Since this conference is a combination of TechEd, Microsoft Management Summit, Sharpoint, Lync and Exchange conferences it will be very IT-Pro focused.

The names suggest this conference will involve a couple of things: where Microsoft is currently, where they are going, encouraging innovation, and building unity between Microsoft technologies and their partners. It is worth noting this conference will not replace Build and the World Partner Conference.

Here is the list of possible names:

  • Microsoft Current
  • Microsoft Co:
  • Microsoft Forsee
  • Microsoft 4C
  • Microsoft GO
  • Microsoft Tomorrow
  • Microsoft Tomorrow
  • Microsoft Spark
  • Microsoft Unity

 What do you think of these names? Any stand out? What is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!