LinkedIn wants to match users with mentors with new career coaching service

Michael Cottuli


LinkedIn is getting a bit of new functionality, albeit only in select regions. The new feature is very much akin to Tinder, surprisingly enough, and serves to match users with vetted experts in their field, creating an environment where experts can share advice. The new feature is aimed at giving highly experienced people in their fields the opportunity to “give back” to their communities.

According to TechCrunch, the mentoring service is being rolled out in a limited capacity right now, throughout San Francisco and Australia. There’s no word on when other regions may end up getting a taste of this new way to interact with LinkedIn, but this is worth watching either way. The service will be free, so there’s no need to worry about getting that premium membership.

The system is very much controlled by the users, with LinkedIn’s primary involvement being their vetting of mentors. People in need of advice will reach out to mentors on their own accord, and mentors will decide whether or not to respond. Additionally, mentors can choose their preferences for the system from the outset, dictating what kind of people they’re inclined to start teaching (for instance, you can choose to look for people from the school you graduated from, or from your region).

Do you think this feature will be useful for professionals? Or do you think it will create rather uncomfortable situations? Let us know your thoughts below.