LinkedIn Video picks up new filters and text features

Arif Bacchus

LinkedIn today announced some new creative tools for the LinkedIn Video feature on their iOS and Android application. With the new tools, coworkers can share their everyday work moments, add text to videos, and more.

There are two specific features announced via an email today— filters and text styles. With filters, once can choose from “Work High Five” “Side Hustle” or “On the Air” and add it to any photos taken in their professional life. More of these options are coming soon, and LinkedIn promises there will soon be even more filters to help you in your professional life.

Finally, with text styles, a user can add context to a photo and let the community know what is happening. There are three initial text styles, including FifthAve, Geometric, and Plain. More styles are also coming soon, so be sure to keep checking.

You can enjoy these new features today by first ensuring you’re running the latest version of the LinkedIn app on iOS and Android. Once that is done, you can tap the video icon in the share box on the app, record or upload a video, add a filter and text by tapping on the icons on the top right, and drag the elements to where you want it on the screen.