LinkedIn to introduce OpenAI powered AI tools for learning, recruitment, marketing and sales

Devesh Beri


As reported by TechCrunch, LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned professional networking platform, is introducing several new AI-powered features to enhance its services. These updates aim to improve job hunting, marketing, and sales efforts for its users, which number nearly 1 billion.

Here are the four major introductions:

Recruiter 2024

Recruiter 2024 uses generative AI to help recruiters find stronger candidates by suggesting search strings and refining results based on the recruiter’s intent. This could save recruiters time and effort and help them find candidates they would not have found otherwise.

LinkedIn Learning Coach

The LinkedIn Learning Coach is a chatbot that provides personalized learning recommendations and advice on soft skills. This could be a valuable resource for people looking to improve their soft skills, such as communication, delegation, and teamwork.

Accelerate for Marketing

Accelerate is an AI-powered marketing tool that automates campaign generation and optimization, providing performance insights. It’s useful for businesses of all sizes, especially small ones without a dedicated marketing team.

Account IQ

Account IQ is an AI-powered tool that helps sales professionals find and connect with potential customers on LinkedIn. It provides insights into target accounts, saving time and focusing on the most promising leads.

Overall, LinkedIn’s new AI-infused platforms have the potential to make a significant impact on the way people work and learn. We are excited to see how these features are used in the real world.