LinkedIn to acquire Glint, a “leader in employee engagement”

Laurent Giret

LinkedIn announced today its upcoming acquisition of Glint, a California-based company developing solutions for increasing employee engagement. Daniel Shapiro, head of talent and learning products at LinkedIn explained today that Glint’s ambition to help companies develop their people and improve business results closely align with LinkedIn’s goals.

“Glint provides executives with the tools to answer questions about the health and happiness of the talent they have, while giving managers at all levels the access and insight they need to improve,” explained Shapiro. “Now imagine, through our combined offerings, that we can translate the specific feedback a manager gets from their employees on Glint into a personalized LinkedIn Learning experience focused on the topics that will help them improve, thus making the feedback much more actionable.”

Microsoft plans to integrate Glint as a new team within LinkedIn over the next 12-18 months, and the acquisition is expected to close during the second fiscal quarter of 2019 (ending December 31). Glint CEO and founder Jim Barnett, who will report directly to Shapiro after the acquisition shared his excitement about “taking a major step toward achieving our vision to create a world where people love their jobs.”