You can now block out political content from your LinkedIn feed

Arif Bacchus

LinkedIn sign at conference

If you’re sick of seeing politics on your LinkedIn, you might want to head to your account settings and flip a new switch under Feed preferences. As spotted by ZDNet, LinkedIn recently rolled out the ability to block out political content (via Wall Street Journal.)

Though it appears the option has been there for a while, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that the head of Microsoft’s LinkedIn recently told the Wall Street Journal of a new no-politics option. The option can be found by clicking your profile icon, going to Settings, and Privacy, choosing Account Preferences, and then scrolling down to Feed preferences.  A LinkedIn support article also dives deeper into how the feature can be turned on and off.

But what does LinkedIn consider as political content? Well, on that same support article, LinkedIn says it’s pretty much political parties and candidates, election outcomes, and ballot initiatives. The professional social network also indicates that the feature could come to more regions and languages soon, based on user feedback.