LinkedIn Messaging get improved with new smart replies

Laurent Giret

Earlier this year, LinkedIn completely revamped its messaging experience on the desktop and mobile devices. The LinkedIn website now has a small Facebook-like pop messenger window, which you can use to start a conversation with a connection without leaving their profile. On mobile, the company also introduced quick replies to say “Thanks” or “I’ll get back to you” to your contacts with a single tap.

Today, the company announced that it make its reply suggestions smarter and even more personal. “Using machine learning, we’ll show you suggestions that are more contextual and relevant to the conversation you’re having,” explained the company in a blog post. LinkedIn users will now see at least three suggestions based on the last message they received:

For example, if an old friend asks if you’re available to catch up over coffee next week, you may see suggestions like “Yes I am,” or “Sure!” or “What time?” Coming soon, we’ll be personalizing your smart replies further so that the suggestions are even more fitting for the conversation you’re having. For example, you may soon see a response like “Thanks, Joe!” versus the more simplified “Thanks.”

The improved smart replies are rolling out today in the LinkedIn mobile apps as well as the desktop website. If you’re not a fan of the suggestions, you can turn smart replies off by going to your LinkedIn settings. This feature will be only available in English for now, with other languages coming in the future.