LinkedIn lays off entire events marketing team

Abhinav Fating

LinkedIn sign at conference

Microsoft-owned professional networking platform LinkedIn has laid off staff from a worldwide event marketing vertical.

As stated in posts on LinkedIn, the new cutback of staff has additionally affected contracted recruiters across different locations. The lays off at LinkedIn came as its parent organization Microsoft laid off 1800 representatives in July 2022.

According to Business Insider (paywalled), LinkedIn laid off all the employees on the professional social network’s global events marketing team. The report didn’t reveal an exact number, but the entire team impacted are being encouraged to apply for positions on a new team focused on creating virtual, in-person, and hybrid experiences.

Along with Microsoft there are tech companies (Nvidia, Twitter, Meta, Google, Uber, Snap, Spotify, and Intel) also slowing down their hirings, due to economic uncertaincies.

Around 200 employees in the modern life experiences team have been told that to find another role at the company within 2 months. Microsoft has also slowed down future recruitments in Office, Windows, and Teams. The cutbacks at Microsoft impacted almost 1 percent of its overall strength of 180,000 across the company.

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