LinkedIn job postings now include commute times via Bing Maps

Laurent Giret

LinkedIn is updating its job listings with a new feature that can let you know your potential commute time. Called “Your Commute,” the new feature is accessible from the LinkedIn mobile apps and will appear as a new module on jobs listings. After entering your own address, you’ll be able to see the estimated travel time to your new office whether you plan to walk, drive or use public transportation.

“We know commuting is a pain point for many job-seekers, in fact 85% of U.S. professionals say they would take a pay cut for a shorter commute,” the company said in a blog post. Your Commute should help LinkedIn users take commute time into account before applying for a job, and LinkedIn users can set their commute preferences in the Career Interests dashboard if they want to get more relevant job recommendations.

GeekWire notes that LinkedIn has worked with Microsoft’s Bing Maps team to bring this new feature to the mobile app, and Your Commute should become available on the desktop site pretty soon.