LinkedIn introduces new feature to ask for a referral in your network

Laurent Giret

LinkedIn has announced today a new feature helping job seekers to ask for a referral when applying for jobs on the platform. According to the company, referrals can really make a difference when looking for a job in a company where you already know someone.

“The #1 way that job seekers have reported first discovering a job, was through someone they knew. Not that surprising as nearly 50% of recruiters say referrals are the leading source of quality hires. And once you’ve asked for one and applied for the job, you’re 4X more likely to hear back from a recruiter at that company.” The company said in a blog post today.

To try this new feature, you’ll first ask to find a job offer when you can get referred by one of your contacts. To do that, you can use the job search filter on desktop to only display offers that are “in your network.”

Once you’re find a position that interests your, you can request a referral by clicking the dedicated button. You will then be able to choose the person you know in the company, and LinkedIn will give you some suggestions that will help you write the perfect message.

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“It’s important to know who in your network can help you find your next role and how to reach out,” the company emphasized, adding that it’s important to remind people you contact how they know you and explaining them why you’re a good fit. Of course, it’s also important to make sure your LinkedIn Profile up to date before asking for a referral.