Linkedin adds AI to writing recruitment ads, profiles, LinkedIn Learning

Priya Walia


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LinkedIn has been leveraging AI and different forms of automation to power the network for years. As of this month, it started to employ its AI capabilities in the form of “conversation starters” throughout the platform’s news feeds to raise engagement rates. Keeping with the trend of its parent company, Microsoft, which is more focused on the Open AI system, LinkedIn has incorporated AI more prevalently in its operations, such as its profiles, hiring process, and LinkedIn Learning.

Today, LinkedIn is introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based writing suggestions, available to those seeking to revitalize their LinkedIn profiles and those who compose job descriptions, with both systems developed upon sophisticated GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models, Tomer Cohen, the company’s Chief Product Officer, clarified. Specifically, individuals can take advantage of GPT-4 for personalized profiles and GPT-3.5 for job descriptions. Additionally, LinkedIn has created an increased focus on AI in LinkedIn Learning, offering more than 100 courses based on this subject, including 20 tailored to Generative AI.

For now, only LinkedIn Premium users have access to AI-generated writing prompts to assist those who have difficulty creating captivating overviews of themselves. The prompts allow users to outline their accomplishments, which then get converted into a more coherent story by Artificial Intelligence.

On the other hand, Recruiters can create a professional job description with minimal effort, as the tool will generate a suggested version based on the basic information provided (e.g. job title and company name).

Notably, recruitment advertisements today often fail to provide adequate information about what would be expected of a candidate for a role or what it would be like to work for a certain company. Utilizing AI to generate profile descriptions for potential candidates to get a better understanding of them can take recruiters and those interested in networking further away from that goal. All this ultimately leads to an increase in wasted time for those reviewing the profiles and looking to make a connection.

Via Tech Crunch