Linda Yaccarino has officially assumed the role of CEO at Twitter

Priya Walia

Linda Yaccarino, the recently inducted CEO of Twitter, has officially commenced her leadership role at the widely-used social media platform. In a recent tweet shared on Monday, she announced her first day at the job with great excitement after her appointment by Elon Musk nearly a month ago.

Yaccarino’s tweet was concise yet brimming with enthusiasm as she expressed her elation stating “It happened — first day in the books!”

Although the tweet lacked in-depth details, it conveyed a sense of enthusiasm and eagerness concerning her new position. Yaccarino’s appointment as the advertising lead at Twitter is of utmost importance for the company at this time.

Twitter has been facing a significant decrease in advertising earnings and requires well-planned tactics to resolve the issue. Given Yaccarino’s vast experience as the former advertising head at NBCUniversal, her arrival could signify a turning point for Twitter.

During a live audio Space event hosted by Musk on Monday, he conversed with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In the exchange, Musk revealed that Twitter experienced a decline of over 50% in its ad revenue since he took over in October.

Following his acquisition of Twitter for a remarkable $44 billion last year, Musk assumed the role of CEO. Now, he has expressed confidence in Yaccarino’s capacity to transform Twitter into an “all-in-one app.”

Alongside Yaccarino, Joe Benarroch, a former executive at NBCUniversal, also joined Twitter on the same occasion. In his former position, Benarroch was in charge of implementing communication strategy within the Advertising and Partnerships unit of the Comcast-owned organization and reported directly to Yaccarino.

Via Tech Crunch