Life is Strange: Before the Storm joins Xbox Game Pass catalog on Xbox One

Laurent Giret

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now play Life is Strange: Before the Storm for free on Xbox One. The episodic game is another surprise addition this month after the original Life is Strange episodic game was added to the catalog last week.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm actually serves as a prequel to the original game, and it only contains three episodes. You’ll play a younger version of Chloe Price, a beloved character that appeared in the first game as a troubled teenager. Unlike Maxine Caufield, the main protagonist in the original game, Chloe doesn’t have the ability to rewind time, but the charismatic character can iniatiate optional “Backtalk” challenges during conversations with key characters.

Overall, Xbox Game Pass picked up several high-profile games in December including Ori and the Blind Forest, Mortal Kombat X, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and PES 2019. It’s great to see Microsoft throwing some episodic games in the mix, and a subscription service like Xbox Game Pass actually makes a lot of sense for this type of games.