LG's secret Windows Phone for Verizon may be close to release

Kareem Anderson

Image Credit: LG Offices

We’ve been reporting on the many international companies that have joined the Windows Phone platform since MWC. Some of the more brand-recognized phone makers, however, have expressed their cautious optimism for the platform while they wait and see if Windows Phone can become a viable financial investment. During the Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 run, the platform was notorious for its lack of app parity and restrictive API’s and hardware requirements. Perhaps the removal of licensing fees combined with a much more open Windows 10 development environment is tempting more OEM’s into the fray.

Through a collection of vague reports and certifications by LG and 3rd party companies, LG has been found developing a Windows Phone based handset. Back in December of last year, an ad network found testing of a device labeled VW820 in its ad stats for Windows Phone. Now, testing a device does not mean it is in full production, but the Korean handset company does have two separate listings of the tested VW820 and VW820SS on their website. If one is so inclined, you can burrow into their site under LG Open Source Code Distribution to find explicit mention of these tested device.

Image Credit: WinBeta

In addition to the website references, LG has also pushed the VW820 through Bluetooth SIG certification for mobile phone. Before many of you start envisioning an LG curve-like device, keep in mind the ad network detailed that the mysterious VW820 was a 4.7 inch device sporting a 480×854 screen. Unfortunately for the spec enthusiast, Windows Phone has seen much of its growth come from low to mid range phones, and LG make seek to start its journey on the platform there. Also of note, is the reference to ‘Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.0 Samples for Visual Studio 12, Windows Store app samples.’ This may imply the company is working with a dated Windows 8 or 8.1 kernel in order to push out a device utilizing the Windows Phone Store of old, rather than the Store in Windows 10 for phones. With most low-end devices being updated to Windows 10 for phones, even this potential low-end phone can bring some variety to the platform.

In any event, news of Acer and LG testing (and hopefully) bringing some Windows Phone devices to market is still a very promising future for Windows Phone.