Lenovo backtracks on Yoga 3 Pro battery claims – cuts away two hours

Staff Writer

We are all familiar with picking up a laptop with the promise of everlasting battery life, and finding that actual usage time is nowhere near what the manufacture had claimed. Recently, Lenovo has backtracked on their Yoga 3 Pro battery claims, lowering the number of hours they had previously claimed.

The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is packed with Intel’s latest Core M processor and originally promised up to nine hours of battery life. Now, visiting the Lenovo website’s product page shows the unit promising up to 7.2 hours of power on a single charge.

While we have yet to receive our Yoga 3 Pro review unit, we have confirmed with other bloggers that the new proposed battery life is much more realistic than the previous nine hours. The real questions is whether or not consumers will now shy away from an Ultrabook that is claiming almost two hours less battery life than originally promised.

We have reached out to Lenovo for a comment on their change.