Learn Chinese with help from Microsoft Research and this iOS app

Laurent Giret

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Microsoft has created a new app to help iPhone users learn Chinese. Called Microsoft Learn Chinese, the AI-powered app was developed by Microsoft’s Research arm and acts as an “always available, artificially intelligent language learning assistant.”

Learning how to speak a foreign language requires a lot of time and dedication. “Our application isn’t a replacement for good human teachers,” explained Frank Soong, principal researcher and research manager of the Beijing lab’s speech group. “But it can assist by being available any time an individual has the desire or the time to practice.”

The app includes Chinese lessons for both beginners and intermediates. “The lessons for beginners mainly help users to learn short words and sentences, and then provide lessons with read-after-me and dialogue to practice Chinese that users have just learned,” the blog post explains. “The lessons for intermediates are the interactive lessons that help users learn how to navigate real-world scenarios such as renting an apartment and ordering food in a restaurant.”

The app is free to download on the iOS App Store, and it looks to be a handy tool to help you practice pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. You can try it on your iPhone with the download link below