Leaked Xbox One manual shows Kinect setup diagrams


Leaked Xbox One Manual Shows Kinect Setup Diagrams

It is looking as though the Xbox One’s Kinect is going to be usable in smaller living rooms than the Xbox 360’s version. A leaked version of what appears to be the Portuguese language version of the quick start guide for the upcoming console, we can see the recommended positioning of the hardware.

Of particular interest here is the minimum distance that must be left between the Kinect and a user. With the Xbox 360, this was between 6 and 8 feet (1.82 – 2.43m) but this has now been reduced to 4.59 feet (or 1.4m to quote the manual’s units of measurement).

This is great news for anyone living in a smaller house or apartment, and will probably open up the Kinect to a wider user base. The manual also reveals that the Kinect should be positioned between 0.6 and 1.8m from the floor, but as this is just a quick start guide, there isn’t much more to pore over besides a basic cable connection diagram.