Leaked Windows 8.1 screenshot reveals new transfer settings wizard

Zac Bowden

A new screenshot from Windows 8.1 build 9418 has appeared online today revealing a new way to transfer settings and info from one Windows 8.1 PC to another Windows 8.1 PC. It appears the wizard will allow you to transfer settings that were saved on SkyDrive, such as email accounts, Start Screen layout and app settings.

Other interesting things which can be transferred are Specific info from some apps, PC settings that aren’t synced between PC’s, other connected PC devices, camera roll and printer layouts.

This means transferring data from an old PC to a new one should be much easier now with Windows 8.1. It is currently unclear how this wizard differed from the automated sync settings already available in Windows 8, but we assume it’s more customizable and offers more things to transfer.

Thanks for sending this in, Albert!