Leaked Windows 8 Release Preview build 8400 in Screenshots

Zac Bowden

Want to dive into the Release Preview early with some screenshots? Well we have a whole library full of them for your viewing pleasure. Remember, some text in the screenshots are Chinese, since the leak of this build had an original language set to Chinese.

1 0 r1 c1

2 r1 c1 0

3 0 r1 c1

4 r1 c1 0

5 r1 c1

6 0 r1 c1

7 r1 c1

8 r1 c1

9 r1 c1

10 r1 c1

11 r1 c1

12 r1 c1

13 r1 c1

14 r1 c1

15 r1 c1
Note: The wallpaper shown on the desktop is not default.