Leaked Windows 10 for phones screenshots unveil updated UI and icons, closer look at new apps

Zac Bowden

Windows 10 for phones

New screenshots from Windows 10 for phones build 8.15.12521 have leaked onto the internet day, unveiling a number of new changes which are being made to the operating system. The screenshots reveal an improved UI across a number of areas of the OS, as well as new icons for the status bar.

The UI improvements mirror that found on Windows 10 for the desktop, considering both operating systems share the same code this is to be expected. It’s good to see Microsoft finally bringing both their mobile and desktop operating systems together in these latest screenshots.

Windows 10 for phones

Furthermore, it looks like Microsoft has started updating its icons on the mobile side of things too. The status bar now includes a few more wireframe icons, which are similar to that found in Windows 10 on the desktop also.

The screenshots also give us a look at the new messaging and people apps which are yet to be seen in public builds. Microsoft has demoed the new messaging app a few times, however Insiders are yet to receive said app for testing. Hopefully these leaked screenshots mean we’ll get our hands on it soon.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!