Leaked info points to new Elite Controller v2, coming at E3?

Kip Kniskern

If you’re a serious Xbox gamer, you probably have an Elite Controller, Microsoft’s high-end, highly customizable gaming interface. Microsoft announced the first Elite Controller back in June of 2015, and features stainless steel thumbstick shafts, D-pads, and paddles, low-friction, reinforced rings around each thumbstick to minimize wear, and rubberized grips on each side. But it’s been coming up on three years since the first version was announced, and it looks like it may be time for a version 2.

According to a forum post on the gaming site Reset Era, citing a Baidu post, this new Xbox Elite Controller will feature:

Rechargeable batteries, undetachable, MagSafe-like charge port
USB Type-C
Bluetooth for Windows 10
3-level Hair Trigger locks
3-Profile Switch
Longer key-travel for Paddles

The forum post included some pictures, but of course all of this needs to be treated as rumor and speculation, although it’s certainly about time for a revision of the high end controller:

Elite v2 Bag

Elite v2 knob

Microsoft has also apparently been busy patenting new features for a next gen Elite Controller:

We’ll have to wait and see if Microsoft indeed rolls out a new Elite Controller at E3 in June, or perhaps even sooner. Are you ready for a revised controller? Let us know in the comments below.

(via the Express)