Leaked images show Universal Store of apps for Windows and Windows Phone


Leaked images show Universal Store of app for Windows and Windows Phone

The lines between Windows platforms continue to blur as Microsoft aims to create a more uniform and familiar experience as users move between devices. The latest signs of the company’s future plans come in the form of leaked images that show that it may be possible for developers to produce a single app that will work on both Windows Phone and Windows.

The leaks come via @AngelWZR on Twitter, a source that has proved very reliable in the past. Two images, seemingly from internal Microsoft slideshow, show Microsoft’s plans for “Universal Store apps”.

While this makes it sound as through a single app would be produced, the slide does indicate that two AppX packages will be produced — one for the Windows Store and one for the Windows Phone Store. But the ability to create projects in the same format — AppX rather than XAP for Windows Phone — will make the lives of developers much easier.

Another leaked image shows “Converged UI Controls” and describes how 80 percent of XAML code can be shared between different versions of an apps, and indicates shared UI elements such as buttons.

We’ve already seen a lot about Windows Phone 8.1, and the upcoming update to Microsoft’s mobile app is another step towards bring mobile and desktop apps closer together.