Leaked emails describe a “pocketable” Surface device, bringing “innovative new hardware and software experiences”

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft Andromeda Surface Phone Concept

Emails from Microsoft have surfaced which delve into Microsoft’s future plans for its Surface line of devices. The emails talk about an internal project Microsoft has been working on, a new Surface device, codenamed Andromeda. Little is known in terms of specifics for the device, but it is expected to have a dual-display design. It has appeared in patent filings, Windows 10 OS references, reports, and now, emails.

In the internal company emails, obtained by The Verge, Microsoft describes Andromeda as “a new pocketable Surface device form factor that brings together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience.”

According to the emails, it will be a “new and disruptive” product category, aiming to blur the lines between what we currently consider as a PC and a mobile device, potentially alluding to more desktop-like capabilities being available.

This email leak follows an earlier tease by Panos Panay on Twitter, in which he thanked LG Display and showed a hinged picture.

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Credit to David Breyer for concept images.