Video emerges of leaked Andromeda OS, showing what could have been for the Surface Duo

Arif Bacchus

The folks at Windows Central have obtained an early version of Microsoft’s canceled Andromeda OS and managed to get it running on a Lumia 950 in a hands-on video. As you might remember, Andromeda was Microsoft’s own special version of Windows built just for Windows Mobile devices. The 18-minute long video showcases all that, and a look at what could have been for Windows Phone, and even the Surface Duo, before Microsoft decided to ship its dual-screen phone with Android.

There are a couple of interesting things in the software that were showcased for the first time, some of which eventually ended up shipping to the Surface Duo. The first of those is the lock screen, which visually looks just like the one on the Duo. Yet, the lock screen in Andromeda OS also allows for inking and access to Cortana for managing notifications too, too.

Another thing is the home screen, which is an inking canvas and Journal. Of course, the Home Screen also has a Start Button and Live Tiles, but with the addition of Android and Surface-Duo-like gestures for closing and switching between apps.

Though Andromeda OS was running on a Lumia 950 in this instance, it was never intended to ship on the phone itself. Rather, the phone was used internally at Microsoft to test Andromeda OS. You can tell because apps on the Lumia 950 can open in a sort of dual-screen split view, with the ability to make the app full screen, just as what you’d get on today’s Surface Duo.

For us Microsoft fans, this video offers an interesting look at the company’s past, and what could have ended up being. Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below.