League of Legends match viewer running away with HoloLens "Share Your Idea" voting

Mark Coppock

Microsoft is always looking for good ideas for HoloLens applications, given that the innovative Windows 10 device is something very new and needs good ideas to create real value. Recently, the company hit up the HoloLens community for HoloLens ideas with the “Share Your Idea” project, where the three most viable ideas will be culled down into one winning idea that Microsoft will make into a real product.
So far, a League of Legends Match viewer ranks as the number one idea as voted on by the community, with 3,003 votes as of right now. Here’s the idea’s description from its originator, FatedTitan:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch League of Legends matches in your home without having to stare at a computer screen? What if you could watch your favorite professional teams battle it out on the Rift and not be limited to what is shown on Twitch? Now, imagine watching those matches through the HoloLens, seeing the entire map before your eyes like you’ve never seen it before. This is the idea I have for a great new killer app for the HoloLens.
Using the HoloLens, users can watch League of Legends matches in the middle of their home. The HoloLens will show the entire match playing out in real time, with the entire map being viewable, not just certain spots that would be shown on Twitch or other viewing sites. The entire Rift would be at the viewers disposal. If they want to see the entire map, they can. If they want to zoom into certain lanes, they can. If they want to have their HoloLens to go to where the action is happening, they can. This is the ability to watch League of Legends like never before. This is the power that the HoloLens can provide.

League of Legends Match Viewer HoloLens Idea
A League of Legends viewer is a nifty idea for HoloLens.

That sounds like a nifty idea, at least for League of Legends fans. For the rest of us, we have Cortana In Person as the number two idea with 563 votes, an idea that might have more widespread appeal. Counter Strike GOTV Viewer is in the third spot with 361 votes.
So, if you have an idea, don’t forget to get it in the queue (which as of now stands at an impressive 3,610 submitted ideas). And, don’t hesitate to vote for your favorite idea, keeping in mind that it’s not necessarily voting but viability that will determine the three finalists.