Latest Xbox One Backward Compatibility games announced, future titles to be released when they’re ready

Michael Cottuli

Xbox One

For those of you who were looking for new games to be added to the Xbox One backward-compatible library, Xbox has some good news for you. On top of announcing a few new titles for Backward Compatibility, they’ve also decided to make future Xbox 360 backward-compatible titles available as they’re ready rather than tagging them all onto an arbitrary monthly release date.

This is a bit of fairly big news for people who’ve been sitting on their Xbox 360 collection for a while, as it means that access to Xbox 360 games should come quite a bit faster. As it stands now, games will be released for Backward Compatibility the day they’re given the stamp of approval. In short, you won’t have to be doing any waiting just so that we get a neat package of games every month.

Along with this announcement comes a few new games brought onto Backwards Compatibility as of today. These include the cult hit Skullgirls, the eSports phenomenon Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and the classic fighting game Soulcalibur.

Here’s the full list:

If you don’t have any of these games, then don’t worry – you’re still getting a bit of a treat today. Xbox also announced that they’re making The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings available for free for anyone who wants to download it before February 5. This is largely considered one of the greatest RPG’s that have come out in the past decade, second only to Dark Souls and its own sequel, The Witcher 3. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of the free copy while you can, if you’re into RPG’s at all.