Latest Windows update causes problems and errors for some users

Sean Cameron


According to recent user reports, it seems that the latest update for Windows has been causing a number of problems and errors for a small percentage of those who installed it. As of yet, there has been no word from Microsoft regarding this issue, however the problem seems to stem from KB 3004394, which is responsible for modifications to the Windows Root Certificate that cause it to search for bad root certificates on a daily basis.

Among other issues, users reported problems with MMC functions, Windows Defender and other general usability functions, including when running Task Manager. These problems failed to reoccur once the patch was uninstalled however. Following this some users recommended a manual download and install of the patch in question, which seemed to eliminate the problems that had previously been seen across their devices. KB 3004394 can be downloaded here.

With no official documentation from Microsoft regarding this issue, users are advised to provide feedback should they encounter such issues in future.

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