Latest Surface app update ships with smart charging experience and more

Kevin Okemwa

Surface App

Microsoft has released an update for its Surface app, bumping it to version 61.23020.81.0. The update features a bunch of nifty enhancements as well as the usual reliability fixes.

Here’s everything you need to know:

First up is the enhanced smart charging experience, though it should be noted that this is limited to users with products released in 2021 or later. Next is the added option that will let users hide product recommendations. All you need to do is navigate through Your Profile->App Settings->General->Recommendations to access the new option.

Additionally, the update also enhances the give feedback experience and integrates the Surface Management Extension app. This is the first update Microsoft has released for the Surface app this year.

The last update dates back to last year in November that shipped with new user notifications for the Surface driver as well as minor fixes and stability improvements.

To get this update, head on over to the Microsoft Store where you will get the latest version of the Surface App. This will allow you to access all the new features that come with this update and more.

Price: Free