Latest Minecraft Earth update brings a new mob and improvements to Adventures

Jonny Caldwell

Minecraft Earth mobile video game

Minecraft Earth, the free VR iteration of the game available in public preview on iPhones and Android devices, has just received an update to bring it to version R12. Among the latest additions includes the new Wooly Cow, which as the name suggests, can be sheared for wool.

Version R12 also brings a few improvements to Adventures games, as well. The player’s health status is now perpetual, which means if the player receives damage in one game, the health stays even in the next game, and the player will now respawn with reduced health upon dying.

The update also includes many other new additions, including meat, a new Info button to check the stats of items in the Inventory, and others. Here’s the full list:

  • Meat is back on the menu! You can eat food to regain health in Adventures. Fruit and vegetables are also on the menu – all part of a balanced diet.
  • To raise the steaks, health is now persistent between Adventures. If you take damage in one Adventure, you’ll be hurt when you start your next Adventure.
  • Your health is displayed while you’re on the Map. If you die in an adventure, you respawn on the map but with reduced health.
  • Eating is also accessible from the Inventory screen using the new “info” button, which leads us to…
  • There’s a new Item Info button on the Inventory Screen – click through to see item stats and discover how chicken compares to mutton, or what the damage and durability values for your tools are. Plus, funny blurbs on your favorite blocks!
  • Tired of people walking all over you? We added a people occlusion toggle for iPhones/iOS 13+.

Mojang has also added the code into the game to prepare for a couple additional features coming soon, as well, including new night-themed Buildplates and a new features called “Boosts”.

  • Coming soon! Night themed Buildplates will be available in the Store. Look up to see the stars! Don’t sleep on this new offer!
  • Coming soon! We’ve implemented the underlying code for a new feature called Boosts. Stay tuned for the full release!

Minecraft Earth was launched in early preview in November of last year in the United States, after being available in New Zealand, Iceland, Australia, Mexico, Sweden, and the UK. The game is available to play for free, although the premium currency “rubies” is available for those to purchase.

What do you think about this update, and how do you think the game can be made better? Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome below.