Latest Microsoft Edge Canary build introduces colored title bars for PWAs

Laurent Giret

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have never looked better in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary build. After installing the latest update, you’ll notice that websites installed as “apps” through the browser now come with colored title bars. The nice thing is that these colored title bars are based on the site’s colors, which means that YouTube will have red title bar, Twitch a purple bar, etc.

In a thread on the Microsoft Edge Insider community, William Devereux from the Edge Dev team explained that “This happens automatically, but as always web developers can specify their own color and override this automatic theming.” We tested it ourselves with a couple of PWAs, and you can see the results in the feature image above.

To install a website as an app with Microsoft Edge, you’ll have to click the ellipsis (…) button next to your profile picture, then go to “Apps” and choose “Install this site as an app.” As of this writing, we’ve seen that some popular websites such as Bing or Skype aren’t getting colored title bars when installed as apps, so your mileage may vary. However, we’re pleased to report that does get a nice teal title bar, and that’s such a relief.