Latest Insider builds contain interface updates for Windows Mixed Reality

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft's HoloLens

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Microsoft appears to be polishing the interface of the mixed reality version of Windows 10, which comes baked into Microsoft’s HoloLens headset. According to The Digital Lifestyle blog, the changes are part of the operating system’s upcoming 19H1 release, which is due for later this year. For those unfamiliar, 19H1 refers to the first of the two upcoming major releases of Windows 10 due for later this year.

Perhaps the first change users will notice in the new build is the new Start Menu, which seems to separate the tiles up by a noticeable margin likely to increase its ease of use, as seen in the screenshots below. Microsoft also took the courtesy of increasing the size of the status indicators and adding quick functions such as camera and flashlight at the bottom. The company also added curves to the UI and gave the menu a more flat looking color theme, removing the gradient from before.

New Start Menu New Start Menu

In addition to the new Start Menu, Microsoft is also adding a new Pick Up window icon, which brings a colored hue the window the user is accessing and allows them to resize and move them easily. This could enhance the multitasking capabilities of mixed reality headsets, potentially increasing their appeal to professionals.

Microsoft is also adding a new Mixed Reality Portal application, which now shows users recommended games and apps for them to try on their new headsets. The application launches automatically when accessing Windows Mixed Reality, according to the source we mentioned earlier.

We’re still a good few months away from the next major release of Windows 10, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see all of the changes the development team adds up to its launch. Hopefully, the ride won’t be a bumpy as that of the October 2018 Update.