Latest Cortana promo video features PC… and Android

Laurent Giret

By introducing its own Cortana digital assitant on Windows Phone 8.1 back in 2014, Microsoft has embraced a new technology paradigm that could definitly change our computing habits in the long run. Indeed, using voice commands can be a much more effictive way to get answers to your questions, complete basic tasks, create reminders and more.

To be truly useful though, digital assistants have to become truly ubiquitous: that’s why Microsoft’s made Cortana a truly cross-platform over the past few years, and you can now use the digital assistant on all your Windows 10 devices, your Xbox One and even iOS and Android phones. This is pretty much what Microsoft highlighted in its latest Cortana promo video, which gives some screen time to an Android phone while Windows 10 PCs retain most of the spotlight:

As Android is now the most popular mobile operating system worldwide, it’s not completely surprising to see Microsoft choosing an Android phone to showcase Cortana. To be fair, Cortana Android can be really useful if you also use the digital assistant on your Windows 10 PC, as the app can now sync your notifications between both devices. Last month, we also reported that Android users will soon be able to access Cortana from their lock screen, a feature that Windows Phone users can already enjoy.

Are you surprised to see an Android phone being featured in a Cortana promo video? Let us know what you think of this clip in the comments below.