Larger block blobs in Azure Storage hits general availability

Kit McDonald

For Microsoft, sometimes bigger is better. A huge announcement for Microsoft Azure was released today revealing Blob Storage capacity has been raised from 195 GB all the way up to 4.77 TB.

The raised capacity makes it possible to support a wider range of organizational needs such as processing 8k videos and researching through large amounts of DNA sequences.

To put it simply, an Azure block of storage originally only allowed 4 MB with a limit of 50,000 of these in an Azure Block Blob. Now that number has been boosted to 100 MB in each block without changing the limit within the blob. Furthermore, the upgrade won’t be costly since it will remain the same as it has been.

As before, Azure Block Blobs can be deleted or uploaded without including the entire blob, making it a good choice for performance and cost. It’s a feature that scales along with the larger size capacities. These larger Block Blobs also work with .Net Client Library (version 8.0.0) and more support for Java, Node.js, and AzCopy will be coming ‘soon’.